Greg’s view on the Family room floor.

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Miraculously, Amy and I got our new flooring put in. It took us five times longer than it should and we wasted about half the wood. On the other hand, there were no emergency room visits and we are still married! I’m calling it a success.

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Valerie  Looks great
Rebecca  I like the color.


Greg Bullock I do too. It wasn’t Amy’s first choice, but it was on sale. I was born in the wrong cent

Derek  Still married….impressive.

Greg Bullock I’ll admit, I haven’t actually confirmed that. I just haven’t heard otherwise.

Derek Beware process server
Amy Johnson Bullock Now we just have to get baseboards on and trim the sides against the tile.
Derek  And you haven’t even discussed the accompanying valances, have you, Greg?

Greg Bullock I’ve tried discussing valence, but Amy has no interest in chemistry. Wait – that’s a girl word for some kind of curtain technology, isn’t it?

Derek Like decorative curtains for the ceiling wall border
Alea  Beautiful!

Greg Bullock Thank you, Alea  That’s not actually a photo of me, it’s a prairie dog.

Wait – you mean the floor?

Gabriel you missed a spot.
Greg Bullock I’m going to put eight inch thick baseboard around the whole thing
Mark  Eight inches thick or 8 inches high? An 8 inch thick baseboard would be novel, as well as hide some pretty big gaps where the flooring meets the wall… 
Amy Johnson Bullock The divorce may happen when I try to start building a fireplace on the big blank wall. Before there was an entertainment center there that Greg hated from day 1. You might think that would make the fireplace an easy sell.
Valerie Build? How about an electric ? Greg seems to like the LED candles.
Amy Johnson Bullock It will be an electric, but they are all too short
Amy Johnson Bullock The odd gap on the left was from how out of square the wall is. it angles out from the corner to the front of the shot. Unless I added quarter round in front of the base board the underlayment would show. We added in the short boards to keep that from happening.
Valerie Very “Chip Gaines” move

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