Easy Ways to Bring Cozy Comfort to Your Bedroom

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Do you ever look at a picture of a Master Bedroom and think it’s so warm, cozy, inviting and just plain comfortable that I could just jump right into that picture and stay there all day?  I know I do. What can you do in your own bedroom to bring, cozy, comfortable feeling into it? Let’s take a look at what many of these rooms have in common.

Cozy Bedding

Every room I have ever seen that makes me want to stay all day has had cozy bedding. I don’t mean just a pretty comforter, yes it had that, but it also had layers. Sheets, comforters,  throws, and pillows. The works. This is an easy fix if you have a bland bed.

Like makeup you need start with a great foundation. Find a good mattress pad. It adds an extra layer of comfort to the bed. Upgrade the sheets to something soft and inviting.  Forget all that thread count stuff. Get the best cotton you can afford, try Egyptian cotton for real luxury. They go on the bed with the right sides facing each other. Add a nice lite weight blanket. Now pull the whole thing tight and make a hospital corner on the bottom. It’s like wrapping a package.  Cover them with your comforter. Turn back about a third of it so the pretty side of the sheet is up.

Add some Throws and Bed Pillows

Next, you will need a throw. Designers used to fold these neatly across the foot of the bed, and you can do that. I am liking the throw over a corner kind of scrunched up as if you had used it. Finally Pillows. You can put on four pillowcases, two on each side standing up against the headboard, then a long lumbar pillow in front, or decorative throws. That’s it, now you have an inviting, warm and cozy bed.

Just look at the layers of blankets on this bed. Doesn’t it just call you to get in? Ok, I may be biased by coffee and food, but still.

The other important soft item in the room is the curtains or drapes. Again don’t be afraid to play with a different texture here. If your bedding is soft, maybe something with a more visible texture for the windows. I have a cotton comforter on my bed, and a drape with a satin finish on the windows, just as an example.

Layered Rugs

The next thing I notice about a comfortable bedroom is the flooring. I love the warmth of wood, but I don’t really like it on my feet in the morning. If you have carpet in your bedroom and you like it you can layer another rug over it. If you have wood the same holds true. You can have a large area rug under your bed, or even long runners along the sides, then throw another rug on top. It’s all about texture here, mix it up. It is a fun spot to put a faux sheepskin rug.

Warm Lighting

How about the lighting to cast a warm glow on the room? I love a chandelier over a bed, but that’s not always practical. If you can do this go for it, but for the rest of us, well how about some nice lamps? The point is to try to get away from a harsh overhead light like that produced by the ceiling fans that builders love to put over the bed. Here is an example of a nice lamp on a side table.

By the way, I read that Four Poster Beds are going to be back in this year. I love the way this one was softened up with fabric behind the headboard.

4 poster bed with a side table and lamp make a comfortable space.

Make it Your Style

Look at the other things in the room. Do you have a style that you love? Bring it into the room. Mine is Farmhouse, so all my bedding choices and accessories will be Farmhouse style. Use nightstands and dressers to help define the style you are creating. Don’t be afraid to mix old furniture with new. Even with just a snippet of this room from the fabrics on the bed, to the candle on the nightstand, and the flowy drapes you can tell this is Farmhouse.  Add personal touches like something you made yourself to the room. Bring some art into the room.  Pictures that you love and could stare at for hours belong in there. 


Comfortable Chair

You just have to have a comfortable chair as a retreat from the world outside your room.   I have a small love seat in my bedroom that is my morning spot. I make it special with really soft throws and pillows, just like they did in this picture. Why yes I could have my morning coffee sitting right there with that soft throw over my lap on cool winter days.

Armchair with pillows and a throw make a comfortable spot in a bedroom.

Breakfast Bar

Finally, it couldn’t make me want to stay there all day unless it has a small buffet for coffee, tea, and snacks. Unconventional? Maybe, but it is my favorite part of our bedroom. It’s just steps from my bed to a loveseat and my coffee buffet. I can sit there and have coffee before I have to leave my room and face the chaos of the morning in the rest of the house. At night you can sit and have a cup of tea while reading before bed, and you didn’t even have to leave your room to get it.  I also like to put out donuts or pastries for breakfast on the weekends, I mean like why rush this whole getting up thing if you don’t have to.  Oh yea, because I have Chickens and goats to feed. 

desk converted to a coffee bar for a bedroom

Having a comfortable bedroom that is warm, cozy and inviting is not really hard. You just have to find the right combination of things you love to put in the room, always remembering to layer bedding, and rugs. Keeping the lighting soft, and having a place to sit and unwind or read at night, and to have coffee or tea in the morning.   Enjoy your retreat, you deserve every little bit of it.

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