5 Fun Things to do with your Family In February

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Welcome to February!  In most parts of the country, it’s still cold outside, but that can’t stop the fun, right?  Grab the kids or grandkids and let’s have some fun. Most of the month is centered around Valentine’s day, so here are my top five fun  Things to do with your Family In February.

The Fun Stuff

  1. Make a Valentine-themed snowman. Give him/her some heart-shaped buttons, and a faux rose lapel or bouquet. How about a red scarf or hat to complete the look?
  2. Go sledding or ice skating. Get outside and get active together. Helps to burn off some energy and winter blues. Just be prepared this could lead to a snowball fight! Bonus Mom points if you let the kids bring a friend, it’s win-win. They get to invite a friend, and you get a chance to meet the kids your child is hanging out with.

  3. Make some Valentines. You could each have a bag or box just like at school. Have the whole family exchange notes, cards and maybe a little love letter?
  4. I like to make Valentine’s dinner special for the whole Family. Set a pretty table with red chargers and white plates. I also use Valentines candy to make the table fun  If you need a centerpiece,  check my Valentines Day Tree post HERE.   After dinner open up your bags or boxes.
  5. Bet you have not done any baking since Christmas. How about some heart shaped sugar cookies with some red sprinkles?  Valentines themed cupcakes, anyone?  What about a Red Velvet Cake for dessert? In the kitchen is a great place to get those tight-lipped teens talking to you.  If you can get them to talk just be sure to listen.

So that’s my ideas for February. Be sure you leave a comment about what your family does this month to make together time more fun.  I love hearing from you.

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