5 Fun Things to do with your Family in September

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Picture of a pile of colorful fall leavesThings to do in September

We have made it fall. Here in the Arizona desert it does not really feel like it until next month, but we can travel “up north” as we call it, to Flagstaff for a taste of fall already. I am so ready to bring out the fall decorations, and do some outdoor projects. It’s like spring fever to those of you in cold climates. We have been locked in our houses all summer, and we want to go outside!! So on to my list of Five Fun things to do with your family in September. Grab the kids or the Grandkids and go have some family fun.

Here we go, the 5 Fun Things

  • Have a bon-fire in the fire-pit.  It’s a great time to just relax and enjoy each others company.  Bring out some Hot-dogs to cook  if it’s dinner time. We also love to grab some Marshmallows, and toast them over the fire. Make sure you keep an eye on the little ones around the fire. Burned fingers are no fun. Did somebody say S’mores? Why yes! This is my choice for a fire-pit, since it is portable, or the second one for portability and economy.

  • Go to their High School Football game. It’s fun to cheer on the local team to victory. Go out for some Hot Chocolate or  a tasty treat after the game.
  • Go on a walk and collect some fallen leaves for fall decorating.  I will be adding new crafts for fall, stay on the look out.
  • Go to an orchard and pick apples to use for making some delicious pies, and other apple treats.  Even teens will really they will do this if you let them bring a friend. This is my favorite recipe for Apple pie.  You don’t even have to make the crust, and it turns out so yummy every time. If I really want it to be fancy I cut out some little leaves with these:

This is my go to skillet for making this pie, I like it because it is deep, so you can really pile in the apples. This also tends to bubble some of the sugar up, and this catches it if you don’t fill it to the top. Less mess in the oven is always good with me.

  • Go to  a Festival. Google things to do in your area, and find something that sounds like fun for the whole family.

The weather is great at this time of year. The important thing is to just spend some time together. It’s really not that many years before your kids (especially if they are teens) will be gone on to a life of their own. Make some memories with them,  just have some  family fun. What does your family do in September? Tell us in the comments. Go out and have a September to remember. Coffee, love bird tweet, Chicken cluck, amy

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