5 Fun things to do with your Family in November

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NovemberCan you believe that we are planning November and December already? As my kids get older the time just seems to vanish into thin air.  November is the Birthday month for us with my son, my sister, my brother, and myself all having Birthday’s this month. Throw in Thanksgiving and I see an extra 10 pounds before we even get to any December fun. (Sigh) It’s not right that our metabolism changes in this season of our life. Anyway onward to the fun.

So here’s the list:

  • Veterans Day gives the kids an extra day off this year, so it is a 3 day weekend. Perfect for a day trip to go see the changing color. From where I live you have to leave town for this. Even if you don’t have to leave town it’s a great time to get in the car and drive. Find an audio book that everyone will like, or just a playlist and sing everyone’s favorites. Find a nice park, and have a picnic lunch. For my family that is not really into cold sandwiches that means fast food at a picnic table in the park. Less stress for Mamma to pack sandwiches so I am good with it.
  • Thanksgiving is in this month. Have you ever invited your family to help with the cooking, it’s messy, but fun. We always go to my in-laws house, and we all bring something. The kids are always proud when they can say they made a particular food. Great bonding time in the kitchen, and teaches them to take part in a family Holiday.
  • Black Friday fun. My daughter and I usually celebrate this Holiday kick off together. It’s not really about the shopping, it’s about the fun. We plan our route from store to store hoping to grab some bargains. Of course we will not  leave the Family dinner to make this happen, so if we miss some from stores that open early, oh well. We know in advance what stores will not work for us. Even in Arizona deserts  it is cold in the middle of the night, so we bundle up. That in it’s self is unusual, and so it makes it fun.  Yes there is usually Hot Chocolate and Coffee around the 3:00 am point, and a delicious Cinnamon and Sugar Hot Pretzel to keep us going.
  • Getting out the Holiday decorations. Ok so maybe for some of us this is not so much fun. Make it be fun anyway. We have an artificial tree. (I have allegies to real ones, but I love the smell) The upside of this tree, is that we can put it up early. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is our traditional day to bring in the Christmas stuff. Let the decorating begin! Your family will enjoy being asked to help with some things. My son is always delighted when I point out that I can’t reach something, but he can. Going through all the decorations always leads to conversation of Christmas’ past.
  • Football on TV. It’s not Superbowl time yet, but it’s still fun to have some bonding  while cheering on a favorite team. Make all their favorite snacks, which for us is Wings. Pizza and Taquitos.

So there you have it. My list of 5 fun things to do with your family  in November. Have others? Share them in the comments, I love to know what others do. Don’t forget the extra Mom win of letting them bring a friend along. They have more fun, and you get a chance to know the friend better. Till next time….


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