7 Fun Family Things to do In June

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  Family Things to do In June

Miniature golf is a great idea for a family thing to do in June.
Family playing miniature golf on summer day

Looking for fun family things to do in June? Of course, it’s the month for Dad’s and Grads.  The kids are out of school and vacations are on everyone’s mind. It’s the first month of summer, so go out and have some fun. As always don’t forget if you let your kiddo bring a friend it’s more fun for the kids, and you get a chance to learn more about the friend. If you can it’s fun to take Grandma and Grandpa along too.

For Dads

How about if everyone pitches in and helps get Dad’s weekend chores done while he plays golf, takes a nap, goes to the gym, or whatever he likes to do. If Dad is a Baseball fan maybe some tickets to a major league game would make his day.  Then gather back together for a dinner he loves and some fun family time.  

For Grads

It’s time for everybody to help out again so that your grad gets in some well earned time relaxing. If your grad is not going off to college may be a room makeover is in order to mark the passing from one phase of life into the next. If the whole gang is working on it you could pull off this surprise makeover in a day. 

Miniature Golf

Miniature golf anyone? I’m not any good at it, but the kids get to tease me about my lack of athletic ability, and it’s always fun. This can be an evening outing if it is getting too hot outside. A great opportunity for the kids to bring a friend along. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. If you are lucky enough to be able to ride with your kids on your own faithful steeds then saddle them up and go. If you don’t have horses you can google “livery Stables” and rent horses with a guide by the hour. This can get to be expensive, but if your family is doing a staycation it’s a great way to show off those urban farmgirl skills.

Go Jump in a Lake

How about a trip to a lake? Take the whole family fishing. Some lakes have boat rentals, or for the adventurous jet ski rentals, Cook burgers and corn on the cob, and don’t forget that summer favorite some ice-cold watermelon to cap off the day. 

Swimming Pool

No lake near? How about a trip to your local swimming pool? How long has it been since you played Marko Polo? Our public pools now have things like tidal pulls that take you in a circle, lazy rivers that you can tube around, and water slides.   Pack up the suits, towels, and sunblock, and head out for a fun day in the sun. A stop for ice cream on the way home would be (pardon the pun) the cherry on the Sunday.

Craft Night

Have a family maker night. You could make some 4th of July Rockets.    Put Dad in charge of the drill and the spray paint, littles can tape on the paper, and Mom can man the hot glue gun. When you are done find a place to display your work. Now you have a head start on that 4th of July party plan.

That’s all for this month, Plan some fun family things to do in June, and don’t forget to take pictures of all the smiles. We are making memories here. 

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