9 Pretty Porch Decor ideas

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Porch time !! Time to get outside and clean up that porch that you haven’t used in a while.  Need some inspiration for ways some things to do to spiff up that space a little? Here are 9 ideas for porch decor.  I have asked some of my blogger friends to help you become inspired to go out and DIY yourself a beautiful space.  Let’s see what they have suggested.

How about a Succulent planter from Soccer Mom Blog? This is so pretty you could make some for indoors and more for outdoors.

DIY Candy brings us an idea to use stencils on Terra Cotta pots.  I like that she used our power of 3 in design, (see this post), but she didn’t make all 3 pots exactly the same.  She unified the design with the same pattern but changed it on each of the 3 pots.

My Design Rules made this cute solar-powered lamp for her patio.  Grab your spray paint and make it in any color you need to fit into your decor. Read the whole post here.

Another from My Design Rules   you can see the cute little lamp tucked into the background in this picture I like how she has repeated the colors from the pillows in the accessories and flowers. It makes for a space that is cohesive.

Cook Eat Go reminds us that if you have something plastic that is the wrong color the fix is just a can of spray paint away.  Read how she did it here.

Another from Cook Eat Go  in case you still have any pallets laying around you can use them to make quick and inexpensive flower boxes.

Brought to you by Mixed Kreations another setting made right with color. I love the windmill that she incorporated into her sign.  Again she followed the rule of 3 by using the blue in 3 places.

Everyday Shortcuts shows us how to paint on a doormat.  She used acrylic paint for outdoors on her mat. I am really liking yellow these days, and plan on having it on my porch this year too.

And finally my own porch creations, I love my porch this year.  Find ideas for this porch here for the Chicken.    Or here for the sheep.

There you go, 9 ways to DIY some porch decor.  Hope you have been inspired to try out a project and make your own home better, one little project at a time.

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