A Big Kiss for Valentines Day from Rice Krispy Treats

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Everybody loves Rice Krispy treats, so I decided to make them into a big Kiss for Valentines Day.  I started with the basic recipe which you get right here.

What you will need:


Aluminum Foil

Cute Valentine ribbon 1/4 inch (red will resemble the Hershey Kiss)

1 batch of Rice Krispy Treats

Cooking spray


Step 1

Take your aluminum foil and cut it into 12″ sections, lay them out in a row.


I cut the spout off of my funnel, but you could actually skip this if you want to. It really didn’t make much difference.  Spray the inside of the funnel with cooking spray to keep the Rice Krispy part from sticking.  Fill the funnel with the treat mix, making sure you press it down as you go.  You want a solid piece when you are done.

I made all of my kisses, (I needed 4) and put them out on the foil. Make sure you are spraying the funnel with cooking spray between each one.   They should slide out of the funnel easily if they don’t just give it a little tap.


Cut about a 12″ piece of ribbon place it under the cone and up the side.  Now take your foil and wrap it tightly around the treat, making sure that you have left the ribbon on the outside coming out of the top, so it looks like a Hershey’s Kiss.

Aren’t they cute?

I usually put one on each dinner plate along with some other Valentine candy just to make it cute. I have also used these as a table center on top of my Cake Server Center.  Just put some red shred from the Dollar Store on the plate and the Big Kiss on top, and viola instant centerpiece. If you don’t have the cake server it fast to make after a trip to the Dollar Store.

So there it is in time for Valentine’s Day last minute table decor, with an added bonus. They are delicious, so you don’t have to store them year to year like other decorations.

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