A Cleaning Schedule you can Stick to.

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I know another post about cleaning. It’s maybe not the most glamorous of topics, but nothing ruins good design faster than having it covered in clutter and dust.  So lets jump right into what we can do to make a cleaning schedule you can stick to.

First what time?

  • Think about what time of day that you usually have the energy to tackle cleaning.  For me, it’s late afternoon.  I strongly believe that if you can you should have a rest period in the afternoon, and I have the most energy of the day after my afternoon nap. If I am going to get anything done this is the time of day for me. Begin this process then,  with thinking about what time of day you will be doing your cleaning. Bless you. if you are a morning person, and by all means clean then.

Then find the beat.

  • What can you do while you are cleaning that makes you happy? Just as an example sometimes for me it’s pulse-pounding music, like you would hear at an aerobics class. Usually, this is for things like dusting, vacuuming, or mopping. Other times I like to listen to an audiobook or podcast, this is for more subdued tasks like washing dishes and wiping down counters. You can switch back and forth between music, books, and podcasts. The only thing that does not work well is TV or video. You end up taking too much time in one place if you are watching something. Make yourself a cleaning playlist, and bookmark your favorite podcast, have that audiobook loaded and ready.  Then come cleaning time you are ready to go.

A plan of action.

  • I like to clean my house room by room. (See my method here)  That’s not the only way to do it though. You can group your cleaning into vacuuming days, mopping days, dusting days and so on. Whatever works best for you is what you should do.

These items should have you seeing a cleaning plan. You will know the time of day, you will know what makes you happy to do while cleaning, and you will know if you are going to do clean by room or by task. All that is left is to work out is on which days you will be doing what room or chore.

For some of you a little each day will work best, and for others having a whole house cleaning day all at once will be your plan. It does not matter which way you decide, whatever works for you is the right way here. pass

I have created a printable in my resource library that you can fill in and put into your home binder.  Just sign up for my newsletter for the password to the library.

Why will this schedule work when others have failed? Because it was made by you and for you to play to all your strengths. It is truly a cleaning schedule you can stick to.  Know your time, your energizing beat, and the task for the day and you are all set.

Till next time….


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