A Pretty Farmhouse Porch

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Hey friends. Today I am going to reveal my Pretty Farmhouse Porch project.  This project started in my head as a Spring porch, but here in the Southwest Spring lasts about 2 days. (Unless you have allergies, then it seems to go on forever.)  So I was looking at pictures of flowers because I knew I was going to want the porch to have lots of plants.  I found this picture and I loved the contrast between the red and yellow. So here is how it all came together.

I found my inspiration.

I not only loved that it would work for Spring, but these colors will work for Summer and even into fall.  So my idea for a color palette was settled.

I picked a farm theme with chickens and sheep.

I had also just ordered some new transfers from Chalk Couture, (I am sending you to my own store and I will earn a profit if you order)  and I decided that since the porch I was decorating was in the back of the house and near the chicken pen that it should include some chickens. So I got out my chicken transfer and made this flower pot.  The pot is from Home Depot.  See how I made it here.  

After I made the flower pot with the chicken I decided I wanted to use some of the terra cotta plant trays that I was going to use for my Spring Table to decorate the fence behind my glider.  So then I made those. The method was exactly the same as the flower pot.

And then I decided I wanted some pillow covers so one of them got a chicken too. The same method as the others, but for this one, I used the Chalk Couture Ink instead of Paste.  I made all of these plus a few more of the trays I used in my One Table 3 events post  (Coming Soon) with the same transfer.

The next project was actually to repeat the chicken project, but with a sheep transfer.  My sheep was too long to fit on the plant tray so I had to give her a belly tuck. See how here. I put the sheep on the same things as the chicken, a plant tray, a flower pot, and a pillow cover.

Purchased my red and yellow flowers.

Next, I went to our local Home Depot and purchased the flowers. I am using Yellow Hibiscus, Red Geraniums, Yellow African Mums and Yellow Yarrow.  I put the Hibiscus in the planters with the sheep and chicken, and I also put a geranium in each pot.  While I was at Home Depot I picked up two red flower pots too.  The large green flower pots are also from Home Depot, but they were purchased last year.  I got some tulips to put on the table, but they are almost gone already. I love tulips, but they just don’t last long.

So after I put it all together here is the final result:

Other things I used.

I used plate holders from Amazon to attach the plant trays to the fence.  While the trays are 12″ you need a larger plate holder because these have a deeper lip than a regular plate. Last year I bought the Galvanized tub at Tractor Supply, doesn’t it make a cute table?  The gate panel came from ??? It’s been around here for a while. I had to put it up on cinder blocks for it to be tall enough to attach things to. The Glider also is from Tractor Supply, and the side chairs are from Hayneedle.  Tractor Supply is a really good source of Farmhouse decor.

Doesn’t this look like a lovely spot to sit and sip lemonade while you watch the chickens play or read a good book? Everybody loves a pretty porch.  Even my husband likes to sit out here now.  Hope you have enjoyed my porch tour, and  I would be honored if you follow me on Facebook, and on Pinterest, and make your house beautiful one little project at a time.

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