Chalk Couture Market Collection Chicken Transfer Ideas

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Hello friends. Today I am going to show you how I used the Chalk Couture Market Collection Chicken transfer in both my spring porch and my table 3 ways post. It’s just 4 super easy steps.  I love that these transfers can be reused. I did a lot of different projects with this one transfer.

What you will need :

Full disclosure I am sending you to my Chalk Couture store, so I will be credited for the sales and generate income from your purchase.  Chalk Couture likes to keep the inventory fresh and relevant, so transfers can be retired at any time.

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  • Market Collection Chicken Transfer.  
  • Chalk Couture Paste in the color of your choice.

  • You will also need a small squeegee from the accessories tab.


  •  clear matte spray paint sealer.
  • painters tape
  • Surface to decorate, I used a flower pot, a terra cotta plant tray, and a pillow cover in my porch post. In the One Table 3 ways post I used the terra cotta plant tray. Today I will be showing you the flower pot.

A word about using transfers.

With a new transfer before you use it for the first time, you need to “fuzz” it. Just peel the transfer off the backing and stick it onto a towel. These transfers are incredibly sticky so to make sure it will come off your project fuzz it first.

Another tip, if you are new to using Chalk Couture transfers, is to know that these transfers have a bias like fabric, in reality, they are silk screens. This means that you should never pull them from a corner. If you pull too hard you can cause the transfer to loose shape. When you are removing the transfer from the backer or a project you can start from a corner to get it loose, but peel from a side.

If the transfer should get stuck on itself just place it into a sink of cool water and gently pull it apart.

For this project.

First off with this transfer I only wanted the hen so I started by cutting her apart from the rooster.  Looking back on how I did it I probably could have tapped off the rooster and not cut my transfer.  So if you are cutting that is step one.  It will be easier to work with if it is cut.

Step 1

Take the transfer and stick it onto whatever surface you will be using to decorate.  Because I cut my hen I will have to tape the edges to keep the paste from getting on the pot where I don’t want it. I just take pieces of tape and follow the edge, but overlap the transfer just a little bit. This transfer also has some grass around the hens’  feet. I didn’t want the grass to get the paste I was using so I taped over it as well. When I was done taping off everyplace I didn’t want the chalk past to go this is what it looks like:

Step 2

The next step is to open the chalk paste and give it a good stir. It should be the consistency of thick yogurt.  If your paste seems too thick take a spray bottle and put just one squirt into the paste and stir again. A little water goes a long way. If you think it is still too thick do it again. t

Now you are ready to paint the hen. Dip your squeegee into the paste and

begin pulling across the transfer. Work quickly. We will want to pull the transfer off while the paste is still wet.

This is the whole hen covered:

Step 4

Now just grab an edge of the transfer and pull it off .  If you wait until the paste is dry it will pull off some of the paste with the transfer and ruin your project. Not a big deal if this happens to you. You can just wash everything off and start over.

This is what it should look like now:

I was satisfied with how this turned out, except for the feet.  I let it dry and took my finger nail and cleaned then up by scratching off the paste. Because this pot had ridges there were a few other places I needed to clean up as well. Here is the really beauty of this product. If I didn’t like it I could take it to my sink and just wash it off and start over.


The transfer and squeegee should be washed in cool water.  A Mr. Clean magic eraser does a good job of removing the paste from the transfer. Let the transfer dry sticky side up on a towel. After it is dry you reactivate the stick by wiping the sticky side with a disinfecting wipe. DO NOT USE A BABY WIPE!! A baby wipe will remove the stick instead of reactivating it. Just put it back onto it’s original backer and it’s ready to be used again.

My finished project.

Here is what my finished project looks like in my Spring Porch:

And another one that I did the same way as a charger on my table, just use a terra cotta plant tray instead of a plant pot, and follow the same directions. 

I used this same technique on my pillow covers. On the pillow covers, I used ink instead of paste and put a piece of cardboard into the cover to keep the ink from bleeding through onto the back of the cover. To set the ink you need to hot iron over it.

Because the paste can be washed off I sprayed this with a clear matte sealer. I didn’t want to lose my chicken when I watered the plants, or washed my chargers! I hope you love making things with the Chalk Couture transfers as much as I do. It’s so much fun, and so easy.

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