Decor Crafter’s Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year when you can start figuring out how and where to leave your hints to the great gifts you want to find for Valentines day. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t mind a little sawdust in your hair or paint on your hands in the name of a beautiful home, the Decor Crafter’s Gift Guide is all you need.  Everything in this guide is something that I own and use and love, (or similar if I can’t find the one I have ) so you can be sure you will need some of these things to follow along in projects that you will see on Good Little Home.

Let’s start out with gifts for the paper crafter.

You can’t talk about paper crafting without starting out with the Cricut Maker machine. This is the only Cricut machine with a rotary blade for fabric. It makes much more precise cuts than the Explore if you are using your machine for quilting you defiantly will want this one.  With ten times more cutting power than the other machines, with the Knife blade you can cut 3/32 inch thick chipboard, and leather. Just do a quick blade change and you can be cutting vinyl. It’s really the ultimate cutting machine.

The Explore Air 2 cuts paper and materials with a depth of 1.5 MM. While it is not powerful enough to cut wood and not as exact a cut with fabric it can cut these materials. It is the one I recommend for people that just want to do paper crafts and vinyl.

With the Easy Press, you get perfect adhesion every time. Just cut and press your vinyl or fused fabric projects.  Cricuit has 3 sizes of easy press, depending on the size of what you want to adhere to. The 9 X  9 will do a tee shirt front , and the mini will do hats and shoes. Fast fun.

No matter which machine you choose ( or if your person already has one) you will want to have the perfect blade for Makers,  or the perfect blade for Explore and lots of mats to make your crafting go smoothly.

A few other things for the paper crafter in your life.

A place to store all those papers. For some of us, one will not be enough.  Get it before the paper overruns your craft room.  Buy it here.

This is one of my favorite cutters, I use it to trim papers and prints that I have printed. Get it here. 

And finally, the thing that will take your paper crafting up a notch. This is something that after I got it I wondered how I lived without it. Find it here.

Stencil  Craft



These things not really your thing? How about some tools for making some simple things from wood? Next up in the Decor Crafters Gift Guide, Woodworking. 

The first pick here is my Kreg Jig pocket hole system. This contains everything you will need to get started with a Kregs Jig. There is so much you can do with this.  Buy yours right here.

I also use my chop saw a lot, and I absolutely love it.  It makes perfect angle cuts or straight cuts. It is my go-to for fast easy cuts. My first one did not slide so I could only use it on narrow lumber, do yourself a favor and get a good one to start with. This is not the model I am using now, but it’s a great saw.  Have it delivered right to your door,

Also in the saw category, you will need a table saw. This one is a reasonable price, again not the model I have, but a nice saw for the price. Order it here.

Painting Furniture

Because you have to sand before you paint. I like this little guy because it gets into some tight places that an orbital sander can’t go. In a perfect world, you would have both, but I manage to get my projects done with just this one. Read about it here.

This is what I asked for my birthday. No more hand painting all of my restored treasures, I saw this one demonstrated at a home show, and I knew it had to be mine.  Get yours here.

I could go on with crafting, and building things all night,  but I have to wrap this up someplace! I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Decor Crafters Gift Guide cof goodies for the crafter.

Till Next Time….

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