DIY Moss Topiary Easter Bunny

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DIY Moss Topiary Easter Bunny

DIY Moss Topiary Bunny

I first saw this bunny on my Facebook Dollar Tree Diy Projects group.  I knew from first glance I would have to give the DIY Moss Topiary  Easter Bunny a try. It’s just so darn cute and has so many uses. It could sit on a buffet table, a fireplace mantel or hearth, or it could even be a cute table center.  As you may have guessed its made from Dollar Tree items. This is not a small bunny. Mine measures 30 inches tall. While this looks like a long project it really doesn’t take more than 3 or 4 hours tops, mostly because you have drying time on the spray paint, and I waited for mine to dry after I put on the adhesive spray as well.

Gather Your Materials

  1. The body of the bunny is made from 2 large plastic bowls. I used the clear ones that I found in the party section of Dollar Tree. The head is 2 smaller plastic bowls that I found in the dishes.
  2. You will also need a small piece of Styrofoam.

Bowls used for the body.

        3. Floral Moss, I used 5 bags, but I could have only used 4 but the puppy, more on that later.

       4. Bunny ears. It’s from the large bunny head, not the small one.

     5. Spray paint, I used Rustoleum Hunt Club Green.

     6. Adhesive spray

     7.  Ribbon

     8.  Cable tie

     9.  Flower Pot big enough for the large bowl to fit into.

     10. Some flowers for the tail

    11. Optional fairy lights

Tools you will need:

       Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

       Wire Cutters


How to make the DIY Moss Topiary Easter Bunny

Make the Body

Hot glue the 2 large clear bowls together to make a ball.  Hot Glue the 2 small red bowls together to make another ball. Glue the small red ball to the top of the clear one.  Then cut the styrofoam in half and glue to the top of the red ball when you are done it should look like this:

Add the Ears

Take your wire cutters and cut the ears off the bunny head. Remove the white tinsel from the ears, but leave the cardboard in the middle. Push the ears into the styrofoam. Hot glue around the base of the ears. It should look like this.

Spray Paint

At this point, my husband was not convinced this was going to be a cute topiary bunny. He said it looked like a space alien. Well if it doesn’t work out maybe I have a jump on Halloween.  The next thing to do is to spray paint the whole frame.  Always, always, always use your safety equipment. Spray paint smells yucky. 

And as luck would have it, it started raining outside so I had to bring my little bunny alien in to finish up. If you can, do this part outside because the moss seems to grow legs and end up all over the whole house.  Maybe it just stuck to the puppy feet and got all over the house that way. 

Now it’s Ready for Moss.

Open up your bag of moss and put it into a container. It will be a big lump when you open the bag. use your fingers to open it up until it looks like the moss in the picture below.

Now the real fun starts, gluing the moss to the frame. First off let me say I tried painting Elmer’s glue on and sticking the moss to it, but it didn’t work. I ended up doing what others before me had done and hot glued the moss to the frame. Plan on spending about an hour and a half doing this. I put lines of glue on and then grabbed a handful of the moss and pushed it into the glue.  I ended up putting the glue lines closer than shown. Do these 3 parts fairly fast so the glue does not dry before you can push the moss into the glue. Be careful about burns with the hot glue.


Just keep going until the whole thing is covered. I did the whole bottom bowl then the top of that ball all the way around. Then I did the seam where I had glued the bowels together. Next, I did the head the same way as the body, and I stuffed some moss into the opening between the balls.  I was almost done but needed to stop here because the next step was an outside only job.


This is where we have to talk about the puppy.

Because we have a parrot I never spray anything in the house, ( it could kill the bird) so I took the bunny outside and put it on a small portable table. The next step is to spray the bunny with adhesive. I left the adhesive spray in the house, and when I cam back the bunny was in two pieces and Calli dog was playing with the head. So I had to stop here and do bunny repair. Bunny now has a name. Humpty Dumpty. But how could I be mad at this face? No Pup the DIY Moss Topiary Easter Bunny is not a toy.

You can’t see them in the picture but Humpty had some major bare spots. I had to repair the spots and hot glue the head back on. Now I took the bunny outside again to spray it with adhesive spray. This time I locked Pup up in her kennel while I worked. 

Spray with Adhesive 

I used Loctite repositionable spray. I don’t think it was supposed to be the repositional kind, but that’s what I had on hand.  Lay the bunny over on its side, spray then sprinkle more moss, being sure to cover any bare spots. Then give it a gentle pat.  Do this quickly as well, spray, sprinkle, pat.

Put on Fairy Lights (optional)

Now you have to decide if you want fairy lights or not. The next 2 pictures are one I made for my Mother In Law, and she wanted a different bow and lights.  As you can see the wires show, unless you want to go back over them and hide them with more moss. My husband thought it made it look more like a real topiary with the wires so I left them. To add the lights you just wrap them around the bunny.  For how to make the bow for this bunny look here.

Bunny made of moss 

Final Touches

Hang on we are almost done just a bow and a tail left to go! 

I have another short post on how to make the bow here, because I use it often it gets its own place. If you want the kind of bow on the bunny above the post and video are here.

Now hot glue the bow onto the bunny and hold in place till it’s dry.

And finally, make the tail. I cut apart a stem of Dollar Tree Hydrangeas and used 3 of the flowers, two with leaves.

I glued the 3 flowers together by the petals. Be careful or use tweezers for this. I burned the heck out of my finger.  I just glued a few petals from each flower into a circle. 

The final step was to glue the tail to the bunny. I used the leaves from the flowers to glue with since they were bigger and would hold better.


And finally, grab your flower pot and sit the bunny on top. I put a brick inside my flower pot to make it a little more stable. Personally I also decided not to hot glue the bunny to the pot, but you could,  I think it will be easier to store after the holiday without the pot.

Enjoy your new  DIY Moss Topiary Easter Bunny. If you liked this post be sure to share it on Facebook and Pinterest.  For more from Good Little Home make sure you sign up for my newsletter. 

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