Dollar Tree Pumpkin to Old Barn Pumpkin DIY

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Dollar Tree Pumpkin to Old Barn Pumpkin DIY

Today is the kickoff of Pumpkin week, I am so excited to bring you a different project each day centered around Falls Favorite orb, the Pumpkin. Today we will be turning a  Dollar Tree Pumpkin into a completely transformed pumpkin that looks like something you found out in Grandmas barn. 

 Materials Used:

Pumpkins from Dollar Tree

Chip Brushes From Dollar Tree

Apple Barrel Acrylic paint https://amzn.to/35YtWGe or WAlmart

Plaster of Paris https://amzn.to/3kxWsCW or Home Depot

Waverly Chalk Paint in Agave from Walmart, also you could use a Sage Green

Jute Rope https://amzn.to/3mENxBh 

Mod Podge in a Matte Finish https://amzn.to/35STDrU or Michaels, Joann, Walmart

Cinnamon https://amzn.to/3kwrDyd any grocery store

Rustoleum Chalked Clear Matt Spray Walmart, Home Depot

I think that is everything. If I missed something you need let me know and I will tell you where to find it.


Here are the Steps

  1. Paint the pumpkin with acrylic paint to seal the styrofaom.
  2. Mix the Plaster of Paris acording to package directions. Only mix a small amount as it drys out and will not keep. Just enough for a single coat at a time. 
  3. Paint one coat on the pumpkin, Let it dry completly, 30 minutes to an hour. 
  4. Mix and paint a second coat of Plaster of Paris on the pumpkin. Let dry. 
  5. Now go back with a sea sponge and start sponging off the plaster very lightly in the high spots where it would have worn naturally. just enough on most of it to see some orange and down to the orange in just a few spots. 
  6. Take a very small amount of chalk paint and add water to it, enough to still see the color but very thin like a water color. With a clean wet sea sponge that is wet but not dripping blot ythe color over the pumpkin. Be careful as the plaster is delicate until we seal it. We are not going for all over coverage, some of the white should still be showing.  Let dry. I am not a fan of speed drying but I did in the video. If you can just go have a cup of coffee and come baqk later when it has dried. See how we have created layers. You can’t get that look with sand paper. 
  7. You could stop here if you don’t want to wax it. If you do want to wax it open your wax and load , then off load your brush. Use a cxriss Cross motion to cover in wax. Let this stand until it becomes sort of sticky, about 15 minutes. You can’t rush the layering process. Now take a small amount of your wax and mix in a drop of Black paint. stir until its blended. Next  take a clean chip brush load and offload the wax. Now thinking about wher it would have gotten dirty over the years VERY LIGHTLY like a soft barely touching motion go over the places wher dirt would have built up.  let dry again. 
  8. After the stem is dry, poke a small hole on the top of the pumpkin and insert the stem. Glue into place with Elmers or Modmodge. 
  9. Now take a lint free rag and buff like you would a shoe, not too hard or you will knock the plaster off, you should see a nice soft sheen from the wax. 
  10. After you are sure everything is really good and dry take it outside and spray it with the clear matt sealer. 

Make the stem 

  1. While that is drying take your jute and enravel it, then rebraid it around a piece of floral wire. Coat in ModPodge.  Now take some cinnamon and liberally coat it. Set aside to dry. 
  2. Knock off any loose cinnamon, and seal the cinnamon in using modpodge. Let dry.

And You are Done.

Now just find a place in your home to display your work. These are really cute in groupings with fall foliage.  Here is a link to the original post on making the stems, but as you can see I changed it up some. 

Here is another fall idea, I made this a few years ago and I still love it.

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