Fun and Easy Way to Make a Bow

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I like this little bow because it is an easy way to make a bow. No loops! I am using 2 wide ribbons, but you could use 3 if you want it to have more volume.  This bow will be cute on so many projects!

Here is a quick video overview.

Let’s make a Bow

I used 2 2 1/2 inch wired ribbons, and 3 1 inch wired ribbons.  Cut the wider ribbons into 9 inch pieces, and the smaller ones into 7 inch pieces. There isn’t a picture of Dovetailing them but to do that you just fold the ribbon in half lengthwise and cut a notch from the fold to the outside.  Take your ribbons and stack them on top of each other with the wide ones on the bottom.

Now find the center by folding in half. Match up the ends of the ribbons and crimp in the middle.

Open the ribbon back up flat and take your piece of twine and slide it under the stack at the crimped section in the middle from the last step. 

Now pinch the middle so it is shaped like a bow tie.  You just crawl your fingers to make this pinch. 

While holding the pinch wrap the twine around the middle several times, flip it over and tie a knot in the back. Tie it as tight as you can get it. For this project I was using a flower in the center, but you can use anything appropriate to your project. The flower had a stem so I was able slip it into the twine. You may have to use hot glue for some centers If you don’t want to use a center at all then use a small ribbon instead of the twine. 


Now you have an adorable Bow for your piece. 

I used this bow on my Honey Bee Home, want to see how to make it and find links to the ribbons I used? Look here. 

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