5 Fun things to do with your Family in October.

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Autumn LeavesI love October!  The weather is starting to cool down enough to really enjoy outdoor activities. I live in the Metro Phoenix, AZ area.Warning, if you are bonding with kids it may be best to let them bring a friend along to make it even more fun. Mom bonus, you can get to know the kids your kid  is spending time with.  Grands you can grab the Grand-kids and have some fun too.

Things to do in October

  • Didn’t get a chance last month to have a family Bonfire? Do it now! Hot dogs and S’mores are great in October as well.
  • Last month we went to a High School Football game and went out after for Hot Chocolate and yummy treats, this month how about a tailgating party instead? Go Team Go!!
  • Pie Day is a tradition that we started when the kids were getting too old for Trick or Treating. We do this on the last Saturday of October. , The first year we did this we invited the kids to pair up in small groups and each group made a different pie. After the pies were baked , we watched a scary movie (Not too scary, I am a fraidy cat), and had pie. My heart and kitchen couldn’t take that again, so now I bake a few pies ahead of time.  We make and decorate Caramel Apples and team up to carve pumpkins. Then we feast on the treats , sip Apple Cider, and watch a movie.
  • Go to an Pumpkin Patch and bring home the best one to make into a Jack-O-lantern, or bring home one for everyone so each person can create their own. Scary!!
  • Plan some fun Halloween Costumes. Hit the Thrift stores to see if you can come up with something that’s not off the rack.
  • And a sixth bonus idea this month, go for a hike. Park trails are still open, and the colors are beautiful. Don’t forget your camera.

The weather is great at this time of year. The important thing is to just spend some time together. It’s really not that many years before your kids (especially if they are teens) will be gone on to a life of their own. Make some memories with them,  just have some  family fun. What does your family do in October? Tell us in the comments. Go out and have a great October.


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