How to make a “Push Through” Wreath

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Want to get in on the Deco-Mesh wreath craze? This one is a really fast and simple wreath to make. I also make Burlap wreaths this way.

What you will need:  Supplies Links are at the bottom of the post.

  • 2 rolls of 10″ Deco-Mesh,or Burlap.
  • 1 wreath frame, for this one I usually use the kind with 4 wires around. To get this I would head to Michaels, or Joann. (always have a coupon for these stores) Walmart also has them.
  • 4 Pipe Cleaners to match mesh

To start

I tied a knot in the mesh around the outside wire of the frame. You could also use a pipe cleaner to attach the mesh or burlap.  Then you push the mesh through the space between the outside wire and the 3rd wire.

Second Loop
Second Loop

Do the same thing through the other 2 spaces, using your hand to get the loops about the same size. Continue with the 3rd space.

Measure the Loops with your Hand
Measure the loops with your hand.

Now bring the mesh back up to the first space and repeat the steps all the way around the wreath. I put 4-5 sets in each section of the frame. (between the crossbars) When you run out of mesh, just use a pipe cleaner, or knot to secure the end. Start the new roll the same way as you did at the beginning.

Bring the mesh to the top. and repeat.

This is what it should look like after 2 rows.

2 rows done.
2 rows done.

What the back looks like.

From the back
From the back.

And finally the finished wreath. All you have to now is to go all the way around and pull each loop open from the front to fluff it. The one pictured below is before I opened up the loops, so parts of the frame still show. Don’t worry it won’t after you open up the loops.

So there you have it, the basic push through wreath, ready to be decorated in any way you wish. You will want to master this wreath to use as a base for any seasonal wreath you want to make. Have fun with your new wreath.

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