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Hello Friends.  Everybody wants to keep time on your side, right? Let’s have a little chat about my favorite planner and accessories. It seems like everyone is selling one these days. I had been just buying whatever is on sale, or cheap on Amazon, until I found this one.  it is everything I wanted in a nice, pretty, girly sort of planner.  It is from Brilliant Business Moms. You can get yours here.

Why I love this one.

I was sold on this one because of Beth Anne’s planner school.  You get fourteen sessions with Beth Anne on how to use the planner. What really stuck out to me was the type of personality I have for accepting a schedule, seems I am sort of a rebel about my time.  Beth Anne had us take a personality test for this. It’s one of several tests she includes in the school to find out how your planner will work best for you. There are plenty of free printables too.

Don’t think this is just for business Moms. It has a section at the end of every week to recap memories, gratitude, and progress toward goals. Then it has a page to remind you to schedule work, personal, appointments. people to encourage, and more.

In my Real Estate business, we were very regimented with our schedules, and I could never make it work. I spent a good deal of time feeling down on myself because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t stick to it. Life kept happening and interrupting me. Emergency sick kids, things they needed brought to school that they had forgotten, sick pets, and the list could go on.

In planner school, I learned that these types of things are going to happen, and I found a way to create a schedule that worked for me. There is me time, work time, family time, exercise time, household time, and God time all in the same day.  In the focused time, I have planned for every activity, I can get more done’ knowing at the end of the day everything will be done.  The bonus is  I am not feeling guilty about all the other things I am not doing. (I should be mopping the floor.), while I am exercising. Time to clean is in my day too. I feel so organized with my time now, it’s a giant weight off my shoulders.

Planners have fun accessories too.

One of the ways to keep things organized is using colored pens, with different colors for different tasks and family members. I found some erasable gel colored pens that I really love. I mean I really, really love these pens!  So much that, I have worn out a couple of my favorite colors already, and will need to buy some more myself. Be careful because they erase from friction (heat) caused by the special eraser. When mine came I played with writing secret messages and making them disappear with my hair dryer. Well, I had fun even if my 16-year-old son thought I was loony.  The point is if you leave your planner in a hot car, you may not have plans anymore. This is the only drawback I have found to these pens.

Then for something cute to carry these marvelous colored pens in, because you always want them with you. right? How about this little pencil bag?

Some ladies in my planner school also love putting stickers in their planners to make them even more fun to use. Cause if it’s more fun, you will use it.

Finally, these little straps to keep your place are so useful.  You could even use them to strap your pencil bag to your planner.

Planners are such a great way to stay on top of your schedule or to do list.  Find a planner that works for you, and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

If you have another planner that you love please share why it’s great in the comments.


Till next time….


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