Make an Easy Topper Loopy Bow

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Picture of rose tree with a topper bow.

Make an Easy Topper Loopy Bow

This is one of my go-to bows in my crafting, the topper loopy bow,  but it is quick and easy I promise.  All you need is a  spool of wire-edged ribbon and a small cable tie and scissors. There is a video at the end if you prefer to learn by watching a video. To make the rose tree look here.

Start by deciding how big you want your loops. I usually just eyeball it. Take twice the size and make a fold. so if you want each loop to be about 3 inches fold over at the 6 inch mark.

Make a Topper Loopy Bow in steps

This is after the first fold.

Keep flipping and folding the ribbon.  For this example, I only used 8 folds, but when you make yours,  use at least 17 folds. It will not be full enough with fewer folds.

Make a Topper Loopy Bow in steps

Next, find the center and make a fold line. You can find the center by folding it over and matching the two ends. Make a crease in the center.

Make a Topper Loopy Bow in steps

Then make a cut almost, but not quite halfway through the ribbons.

Now it should look like this:

 If you want a tail on your bow cut a length of ribbon, and lay it across the ribbon. (sorry I forgot on this one, but there is a save if you forget)  Now take the cable tie and pull it tight around the ribbon.  

Now we will start to shape the bow. Starting at the center pull out each section and pull back and then front. Flip it around and do the same on the second side. Remember you did 17 folds so your bow will be a lot fuller.

When you are done open up the loops and shape the bow.

When you are done opening the loops arrange them how you want them to make the bow. Here’s mine:

If you forgot to add the tail before you pulled the cable tie, you can just hot glue a tail to the back as I did here.

Make a Topper Loopy Bow in steps

And here is the finished bow:

Picture of a topper or loopy bow. Make a Topper Loopy Bow in steps

Video for Topper Loopy Bow

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