My Knock Off Halloween Wreath

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Inspiration wreath

My sister loves Grandin Road Halloween stuff. I love my big Sis, but not enough to buy her a Halloween wreath priced at $129.00. What I did do was to figure out how to make one myself.  Introducing my Knock Off Halloween Wreath.   Mine came in at $41.00. Let me show you how I did it. Total crafting time was about four hours.  The one above is the inspiration wreath from Grandin Road.

What you will need:

Wreath Frame 14.5 Inch-dollar store find.  $1

2 rolls of 10″ x 30′ Black Deco Mesh – I got mine at Amazon, but they don’t always have the 10″. Do not try getting the 21″ and cut it in half. Your wreath will fray away.  Click the picture to buy.

Skulls-dollar store $2.00

Floral- Joann $10.00 use coupons.

Halloween Bush- The long black things, Michaels. $10.00 use coupons

Pipe Cleaners – Amazon I used about 30,  click the picture to buy.

Hot glue gun-Amazon, click the picture to buy.

Tin Snips-Amazon, click the picture to buy.


Let’s Make this Knock Off Halloween Wreath.

The first think to do is to put the Pipe Cleaners on the frame.  Put 2 on each outer section and 1 on each inner section.

.Wreath Frame with Pipe Cleanersinspired by Grandin Road

Then cut the deco mesh into 18″ sections. I put one roll on top of the other so I can cut two at once.  Don’t separate them after you cut.

Cutting the Deco Mesh

Making The Deco Mesh Part

For the next step you begin making the ruffles that you will be attaching to the frame. You lay the mesh down flat. I put the curled edge down. Then start walking your fingers across the mess and making pinches in the middle that you hold onto as you go across. Secure the first one  with a clothes pin. Then make another one. Put them cut sides together into a pipe cleaner on the frame.  I made a video of this step since it is really hard to explain.


Adding the Skulls

Now that you have the deco mesh attached all the way around, we will attach the skulls. Don’t worry if it looks like you can still see the frame at this point. It will fill in as we add the other items. My skulls were not as dark in the eyes and nose as the ones in the Grandin Road picture, so I used a black Sharpie and filled them in darker, but not until they were attached. It would have been a lot easier to do that step now if you want them darker.  I used a pair of scissors to poke a hole in each side of the skull. Next put a pipe cleaner through the holes, and attach to the frame using the center bars of the frame.  Since we only attached the deco mesh to the outside and inside parts of the frame it should be easy to find.

Punch a Hole in the skull with scissors

Put the Pipe cleaner in






Adding the Flowers and Leaves

Next I put on the flowers. Start by cutting them into individual stems. Put a pipe cleaner  through the back of the flower head and secure with hot glue. Next find a section of the center frame  and attach the pipe cleaner to it. You will need five flowers for the part from chin to chin on the skulls, and five for the top of the head to the top of the head on the skulls.

Flower with Pipe Cleaner

Now your wreath should look like this:

I used the leaves from my flower stems around the wreath. I put the in without gluing them down first, to be sure I liked where they were placed. Them I put hot glue on the stems as shown, and put them back into the wreath The glue attached to the frame, and sometimes the flower or mesh. As long as it does not show you are good.

And then Adding the Halloween Bush

The last thing you need to add are the Halloween Bush pieces. The only place I could find these was at Michaels. Most of the other materials you can get from many places, but not this.

Halloween bush

I cut them apart so I had one stem at a time to glue down, and I left the stem fairly long.  I started at one side and hot glued each stem to the back, being sure to glue the stem to at least two wires of the frame.

Glue the stems to the frame

Now just make a loop at the top with a pipe cleaner and hang up your new wreath.

Finished Knock off Wreath

Your guests will all want to know where you got this. You don’t have to tell them it’s a knock off and you made it yourself, but I sure would. Go ahead and soak up that glory, you deserve it for being so darn smart.

If you want more Halloween inspiration from Good Little Home, check out my post on the Scary Halloween Ghoul. 

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