New to Gardening? Find your USDA zone.

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USDA Plant Hardiness Zone mapHey friend. Lets start at the beginning if you are new to the hobby of gardening. This is a going to be really short, because I have provided you a link . Today I want to talk about the  USDA hardiness map.(just click the link to see it.)  This is a going to be really short, because I have provided you this link. The directions for how to use it appear on the USDA plant hardiness zone page. I just wanted you to take a look at the map and find your zone. The zip code box does not work for me, but I could find where I live on the State map drop down. Write it down in your Project Planner garden notes.  You can add sheets of paper to your Project planner if you need more room for notes.

This is how you know if it’s time to plant something in your region. For instance I may taking pictures of my lettuce and writing about it in January because I live in southern Arizona. If you live in New England it’s likely that you would have to dig your containers or garden out from under the snow to even get a glimpse of them. ( on the flip side there is not much I can grow here in the summer) The hardiness map will help you find your “zone” . Most plants or seed packets will tell you when to plant and when to expect to harvest based on your zone. All you need to do is figure out from seed packets or catalogs when to plant certain things, and you are on your way to planning your garden space or containers.

Now that you know your zone, lets get gardening!

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