One Table Set 3 ways for Spring

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Hey Friends! Today we are going to be looking at how you can change a table from a Spring Brunch to Easter to Mothers day just by changing out accessories. It’s one table set three ways for Spring.  The point of this is not that you have to make yours exactly like mine. Just to get you thinking about what you have that you can use. Of course, if you love the way mine came together, I am giving you as many of the resources as I can to make it.

Let’s start with the basic table. For the basic table, I used chargers made from 12″ Terra Cotta plant trays. The trays were purchased at Home Depot, and then I found them at Walmart for less. Oh well, live and learn.

I got the basic idea for this from Country Living magazine, the April 2019 edition. They showed terra cotta plant trays being used as chargers, with white plates. Well, I decided to take them a step farther and decorate the plant trays, and use clear plates on top so the design would show through.

So I made two sheep, and two chickens for the table.


Chalk Couture likes to keep the inventory fresh and relevant, so transfers can be retired at any time.

You can find the tutorial for the sheep here.   

You can find the tutorial for the chicken here.  

Being transparent here. The Chalk Couture links go my store, where I am a designer, and I will earn a profit on your purchases from my store.

I also purchased some smaller terra cotta plant trays and decorated them to use as coasters.  I placed my clear plates on top of the terra cotta chargers. Aren’t they cute?

To finish each place setting I used placemats and napkins from the Pioneer Woman. To complement the plates I added a clear drinking glass.

So there you go, the basic table.

Now let’s make it a Spring Brunch

For this table, I added the yellow tea light lanterns, the centerpiece and another plant tray made with Chalk Couture transfersThe lanterns were purchased from Ikea many years ago. I know they still carry these lanterns, (the Rotera) but not in yellow. They do have several other fun spring colors you could use.

The main part of the center is from an old toolbox. If you can’t find one like this you could use just a small crate. The vases I made, learn how in this post.  They are from thrift store vases and take about 5 minutes to spray, and another 5 to sand after the paint is dry. The Goodwill near my house always has these or similar vases. I already had the blue and off white one and made the yellow one for this table, Just fill them up with spring flowers in matching colors. My florist had these beautiful dyed Daisies in the perfect colors. Easy and done!

The Kitchen towels I used I have had for many years. I did my best to find some like them for you. Of course, if you have Spring textiles that you love, use them. You could also use another set of napkins from the Pioneer Woman. The colors all look great together.
So there you have it. Occasion number one, a Spring Brunch.

Table two, the Easter Table


For this table, I used two collectible bunnies from Bunnies By The Bay.  I don’t think you could find anything like this unless you got lucky on e-bay.  To be honest, I would have used these bunnies instead, and probably liked it better, but they are on loan to my In-Laws right now.  These bunnies came from Hobby Lobby.

The main part of the center is a riser I made by mistake, but when it was done, I loved it. Just been waiting for Easter to use it. Here is the tutorial. Don’t be alarmed it’s a fall picture. You are in the right place.  If you want to make one Amazon does have the egg trays.  The candle stand was from the Dollar Store.

I used some eggs that I Modge Pogged a few years ago to fill it with, and a Dove Chocolate rabbit in the center with Easter grass around the bottom and the rabbit. The box was a Michaels find a few years ago.

Table 3 Mothers Day

For this table, I brought back the yellow vase of Daisys.  The sign I made. I spray painted a wood blank with yellow paint that I had on hand from making the yellow vase for the brunch table.  The sign is from Chalk Couture transfers that I had. Can you tell I am just a little bit obsessed with Chalk Couture?

For the lanterns this time I took out the tea light and put in fresh-cut daisies.  Then I took decorative stones and spread them around on the table. I had some clear, and some that I spray painted the flat side with gold paint.

Here are the resources for this table.

So there you have it. One basic table setting with different accessories can take you from early Spring to Mothers Day.  I hope this got you thinking about how the accessories you use can make a big impact on your home.

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