Fall Decor Farmhouse Cottage Style

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Hello again friends. Today I am going to share my fall decor, in my Family room and Kitchen. I love to decorate for seasons and Holidays, don’t you?  Well maybe except for the cleaning part, but when I am in the mood to do it, I even enjoy cleaning.

Let’s get decorating, bring on Fall!

The first thing I usually do when changing seasons, is to give the rooms I am working on a good cleaning. I like to start with a fresh room, and it freaks the kids out. (Run she is cleaning!) So here is what my family room looks like  when I am ready to start.

Sort it all out.

The next thing  is to get out all the decorations, and lay them out so I can see what I have to work with. It’s a lot of stuff.  If you  buy it on clearance the day after Halloween, retailers are ready to roll out Christmas, so there are good deals on Fall decor . It’s really getting earlier every year. Now the stores are rolling out Christmas in October so you can get deals even sooner.  I also shop at the Dollar Store for things like garlands that I can combine 2 of, to make them look fuller, but they still cost less than at a craft store. Sprays of leaves and flowers are also things I get at the Dollar store.  Single leaves in a package are also a Dollar Store find. This is 5 years worth. I probably won’t use it all.

stuff out

Finally the fun part.

Next is the fun part, I just pick through the stuff and start filling up the shelves on the media center first. What I put someplace does not always stay there, I may move it several times to find just the right spot.  There is a rule of 3’s in decorating. It’s easier on your eye and brain to see 3 objects together, so try to group in 3’s. I also sometimes use 5 items in larger areas. The bow on the Lantern is made the same way as my wreath bow, just much smaller. Learn how here. I try to use coordinating ribbon in all the spaces to draw them together. The large vase in the corner is filled with yellow and orange shreds from the Dollar store.


Autumn Lantern

shelves autumn

Shelves autumn 2

Media cabinetcornerTub

Here is how I used the wreath I refreshed in my decor. See how I  refreshed it here.  This wall also has my Fall gift for my new subscribers, Fall printables.  Download them, print them on an 8.5 X 11 standard size white paper  or card stock. Then trim to size. I mounted mine using double stick tape to 12″ x 12″ canvas’ that I bought at Michael’s. (Use your coupon) The subscription form is at the bottom of this page. Don’t they look great with the wreath?

wreath wall

November Freebie

 And in the Kitchen.

Since my Family room is really a great room connected to the kitchen, the coffee station gets decorated too. I also put garlands of leaves on the cabinet tops. I have Chickens in the Kitchen year round, and they go well with the Autumn decor.  They do get the boot at Christmas, but they come right back in after that. See that little Kitchen Island,  I made that from a desk. There will be a future tutorial on how to do it. Also coming soon (I hope) a cabinet makeover with paint. Sill negotiating that one with Hubby.

Kitchen fall

So that’s my Fall Farmhouse style Family Room and Kitchen, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Till next time…


Coffee, love bird tweet, Chicken cluck, amy