Love and The Notebook from Greg’s view

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Muddy Feet

If I’ve learned one thing about women (and I haven’t), it’s that they really love that movie “The Notebook.” It just so happens that not only have I been forced to watch that movie by my wife Amy, but we have also lived it.

There are some subtle differences between the movie and our own lives. For example, neither one of us can remember anything. Also, instead of gliding through clouds of graceful swans in a boat, we stomp through mud in muck boots chased by chickens.

I haven’t rebuilt an old house for her, but I did spend much time trying to keep the old house we were in from falling apart. And I did build a goat house for her, which the goat enjoyed for many years until the donkey ate it. We don’t write letters, but we routinely ignore each other’s text messages. Finally, we don’t sneak into bed together, but snoring or coughing occasionally force one of us to sneak out.

Don’t waste your happiness envying us. Life is like a storybook if you look at it the right way.

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