The One Room Challenge Spring 2019 Reveal

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Week 6 The Reveal.

Can you believe it? Six weeks are gone already and with it comes The One Room Challenge Spring 2019 reveal.   I am so happy with the way my laundry room turned out.  So let’s start with a look at what it looked like the first week.  It was full of junk, no place to fold laundry, cat box was blocking the sink so you couldn’t get to it at all. The room was completely dysfunctional. Since I am selling the house I needed to up its game. My goal to make the room more functional for the time we are still here, and to have a room that a buyer will love.

The First Week


Week 2

The first thing I did was to get rid of the pedestal for the washer and dryer. Right away it made the room feel bigger, and I could reach the cabinets again.  That was an instant win. Woo-Hoo.  See the bottles of spray starch on top of the cabinet? That was as close as this room got to being decorated.

Week 3

The real transformation started next. Just painting the room made it feel so much better.

Week 4

After the paint was done I made the top. It is made from Red Oak plywood. I used a Kreg jig     to attach the boards that hide the plugin and water supply. Then I also added 2 coats of Satin polyurethane, since it is likely to have wet or damp clothes piled on it at some point.  used Varathane Wood Gel in Red Mohagany for the wood stains in the room.  And Varathane oil-based polyurethane on the top.

Week 5

Next thing was painting the cabinets.

Hanging the pegboard was sort of a challenge. That’s a whole post by itself.


Now it’s Time To Decorate

Now I was to the point where I could decorate. It was so much fun.  Here are some the finished pictures. My colors of blue/gray, green, and plum helped the room to feel comfortable.

The Hanging Wall

Here is the wall to the left of the dryer. It has a sign I made using Chalk Couture.  You can get yours here.

Now I have a place to keep the hangers handy, and a good place to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer. I love this.

Ironing Made Easier

Here is the wall opposite that one. Again I made a sign with a transfer from Chalk Couture, I absolutely love how easy it is to make signs and art with these transfers.  My iron is now easy to use. It plugs in just under the basket.  The ironing board now is an over door the board. you push a button and it comes down. When you are done just lift it up and it locks into place. No more lugging an ironing board around. My life is better already.

The Accessories

And then there is the stuff that just makes it pretty.  I added Hydrangeas in farmhouse style jars, with little birds peering out from behind. Aren’t they cute?

And the toolbox with detergent and fabric softener in Ball jars.

And finally, I added some art to the wall above the cabinets and some wreaths on the doors to add more green to the room. I used burlap to hang the wreaths to introduce some texture into the room. I did a tutorial on how to make the bull clip frames here.

Shout out to The Graphics Fairy who shares lots of free printables for the florals.


Love these wreaths?   And the ribbon?

I also made a  burlap skirt for the sink to continue the farmhouse feel and add a little more of that texture to the room. It also has a function, it hides the cat box.

The other wall has a rack for mops, brooms. a Swiffer and whatever else you might need for cleanups. because the door to the garage opens onto this wall whatever I put there had to be relatively shallow.  My husband also likes to be able to check his hair on the way out the door, so I gave him a mirror, and combs in the pencil cup. This looked like a good spot for a small place to leave notes, thus the whiteboard and post-it notes. so this is what the final wall looks like.



Thank you so much for following me for the challenge, I have enjoyed having you along for the trip in this journey of transformation.  If you liked my work follow me on Pinterest ,  Facebook, and Instagram.

Want to see what other guests are doing, check it out on the One Room Challenge Blog.

Till Next Time….

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