The One Room Challenge Week 4 Spring 2019

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Week 4

Hey friends. Zoom went another week in this challenge. I finally got my spackle, YEA! So this week I did most of what I said I was going to do, plus some stuff from next week. Once I got in there it made sense to move some things around. Since I am doing this as a one-woman show, I have to grab my son when he is home to keep moving the washer back and forth. When I had him pull it out this week I noticed that there was some water on the floor behind it. So I do have one additional thing to do which is to level the washer, but that’s far down the list.

What’s done.

I got almost all the taping off done. There is just a small area that I couldn’t do yet because I couldn’t reach it. I am washing the walls and ceiling as I go. I wanted to be sure the tape would stick to the ceiling which it will not if it is dusty.  So the wall and ceiling above the cabinets didn’t get washed until today. Tomorrow I can tape them. I also had to fix a pooped nail above the cabinet. It was really easy to do. Just put a Drywall screw in above and below the nail. Sink the head a little into the drywall. Pull out the nail, and spackle over the screw heads.

I got a new circular saw for Christmas. It was a part of a DeWalt Tool system, so I actually got a bunch of new tools. I also got a Kreg Jig Accu cut, which keeps you long cuts straight by having the saw on a sled slide along a track. I had not used either of these things yet, so I was very excited to be able to use them to make the wood top for the washer.

What I didn’t get done.

I still need to add the veneer to the edges on the top and build the ledge. The ledge should be easy with my Kreg tools, and I will do a seperate tutorial on that. Then I have to stain both and seal with poly. That can be done in the garage so I don’t need to worry about killing my bird with VOC’s from those products. I also still need to put in the ledger board the top will sit on.

So for this upcoming week,  I plan on finishing the top and ledge, Put in the ledger board, and paint the walls and cabinets.  That leaves the Pegboard and artwork for the following week.

Here are some pictures from today, I know it looks like the storm before the calm doesn’t it?


So that’s this weeks update,  I am sure by next week it will look so much better.  Don’t forget to take a peek at what everyone else is working on at the One Room Challenge Blog. 

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Till Next Time…


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