The one room Challenge week 5 Spring 2019

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A whole lot has happened in the room this week. The one room Challenge week 5 Spring 2019 was the busiest yet. Walls were primed and painted. The ledger board was put up for the washer surround to sit on. Cabinet doors were removed with the frames and doors painted and rehung.  I also started hanging the pegboard.

So Here is How It All Went Down This Week.

The painting. I was a little apprehensive about the paint since it was a zero VOC paint. I was picturing it runny and hard to work with but that was not the case at all, I used Behr Low VOC, the color is Rainmaster, and it is an eggshell finish. It went on smoothly and only required one coat. This might be my new favorite paint,  no VOC, a smooth thick and creamy texture and goes on well.

The Wall Paint

The Sanding

After the walls, I started on the cabinets.  The doors came off easily but I didn’t completely remove the hinge. I just unscrewed it from the cabinet side, and I did label the doors on the hinge with a Sharpie.  Next I  sanded the frame and the doors, using an electric sander for the frames and the flat parts of the door, and a sanding block for the recessed parts.

This Didn’t go so Well

After the sanding was done I put on the Primer. Again I had to use a no VOC, and chose Zinzer Bullseye Zero.  Like the zero VOC paint the primer went on well, after I figured out NOT TO DO IT WITH A BRUSH, as shown in the picture. It went on like a dream with a Lambswool roller. The Roller even was able to conform to the shape of the door details and get down into them. I used 2 coats of primer and sanded lightly in between coats.

For the final coat, I used the Behr No VOC  in Bleached Linen. I didn’t want it hit you in the face white, this toned it down a little. Again using the correct roller made all the difference.  I let the doors and frames dry for 24 hours before I rehung the doors. It was a little tricky to do by myself but I was able to use my ladder to help prop them up while I screwed them back in. I decided after the doors were hung to leave them open for a few more days to avoid the door sticking to the frame, and I also used small felt stops on the corners.

And then the Board

The next thing to do was to hang the ledger board that the shelf will hang on. I used a piece of tape as a level line and nailed it to the stud. Now the washer and dryer could be pushed back into position.

And the Shelf and Top.

My final project of the week was to build the shelf and top of the washer and dryer.  I joined the 2 pieces of board with pocket holes. For the top of the washer and dryer I cut a board to fit, I used Red Oak since I was going to be staining it, and I wanted a pretty wood grain.

After the stain:

And after 2 coats of Semi-Gloss polyurethane. I decided to do this because it is in an area prone to wet, and with my family spills of detergent and fabric softener. It’s shinier than I wanted but it’s protected. Because I wasn’t able to find a low or no VOC stain or polyurethane these pieces will have to stay in the garage for a few days until the smell and VOC’s are gone. It literally just needs to be carried in, so I am calling this part done.


Here is the Room Now:

All that is left for next week is to hang the pegboard and decorate the room.

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Till Next Time…..

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