The Ultimate Parrot Lovers Gift Guide

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This was not originally in my planned gift guides, but once I started researching parrot stuff, oh my gosh , I couldn’t stop! So the Ultimate Parrot Lovers Gift Guide was born. Share this guide wit all you parrot loving friends, and their families. You can’t go wrong with a gift from these links.

This guide is completely from Etsy stores, so most of the items are handmade with love by small business owners. Show them some love and purchase through their links, but be aware that not all are US sellers when making your selections, as that can affect shipping time. Each seller has estimated shipping times, and a place to ask a question before you buy.

Lets get started!

Parrot Lovers Apparel


Here is another one I liked a lot, brought to you by HippoandKelpie



‘Cause Baby it’s Cold Outside!!  This is just too stinkin’ cute to pass up. There are several other colors too.  Shop the look at Nina Fuehrer.

Parrot Lovers Home Decor 


This is gorgeous!! A must have for every parrot lovers home, and if your parrot lover is also a music lover, double score. Guess who is getting a set for herself?  Again this is a digital download, so you will print it yourself and then frame the prints however you want to match your home.  Buy it at Instant Graphics.

Set of 3 parrot prints on music paper

Would’t this look great in a bird themed den or office with some the prints from above? It sure would. I would call it a parrot lovers must have! I found this in a shop called  Thread White Blue Ltd.

Drum shade with parrots

After I found these I couldn’t stop thinking about the parrot themed den so I made one in my own home. See the post here.

And how to make the Bull clip frames here.

parrot themed den ultimate parrot lovers gift guide

It’s a parrot lovers paradise in a bathroom with this bathroom set. There are so many nice ones, but here are a few I picked. First is by ArtseyBerry

Shower curtain with parrots pictured 


And finally this one.

Shower curtain featuring a macaw

Parrot Lovers Car Care

Don’t forget to let everyone on the road know you love for parrots too. They have more than just crazy too’s, click to see them all.  Buy this at the Wawoo Shop.

Also from the Wawoo shop.

For the Birds

How about a jar of Conure toys? You know your Conure lover wants to have a spoiled baby, right? Get this and more bird toys at The Best Bird Toys.

Jar of bird toys


The Jewelry Store

Have you been waiting for the jewelry? Here it is.

Let’s start with these sweet little birds that come in silver or gold. Ronny Pop has them in his shop.

Take your Grey to a fancy dance this year. Handmade at Claysadventures.

Fancy African Grey necklace

Or this pretty bird.

How about a few pretty necklace?




Let everyone know you love a Macaw! Beautiful necklace for the Macaw lover. It’s at Cakeforcorvids.

This is a Sterling Silver African Grey, so pretty. It’s also available in Yellow or White Gold, and you can add stone set eyes.  Brought to you by EFSterling.

And that wraps up  The Ultimate Parrot Lovers Gift Guide, mostly because my husband has caught on to what I am doing.  I hope you enjoy shopping the stores as much I have.

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