Thrift store Vase to Farmhouse Beauty

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This thrift store vase to Farmhouse Beauty is so quick and easy you will be making one for every room, and one all of your friends.  I think I am going to pick up another vase next time I am near a Goodwill, I want one in an antique white with Sunflowers for fall.


Beautiful farmhouse Vase

What you will need:

  1. A vase. I used an old glass vase that was out in our garage with my glass collection.  I see this,  and similar vases every time I make a trip to Goodwill.
  2. A can of spray paint in your preferred color. This one is my favorite kind, it does a good job on covering glass.

(Click the image, and Amazon will bring it to you)

These are my go to sanding sponges. I like them because they are easier to hold onto than sandpaper, and they come in different grits. I used a medium grit for this project.

(Yup same as above, click to get this from Amazon)

 (OK, yup another Amazon find)

 (And one more amazing Amazon find)

Let’s make it.

My first disclaimer, the Amazon products are exactly what I used, but I got them at Walmart, except for the sanding sponges, which were from Home Depot.  They were not as expensive at Walmart, but I did have to actually go get them.

There’s not a lot to this project. First wipe down the vase with rubbing alcohol.  Next  spray paint the vase. I do like to use a box with a lazy Susan in it for spray painting. So much easier than trying to turn something while it’s wet, and the box catches the over spray.  Don’t forget to wear a mask to protect yourself when working with spray paint. Simple, but did you know that  spray paint can actually dry before it hits its target in extreme heat? Like when it’s 112º F outside in Phoenix?  Don’t ask how I know this. It was ugly.  All that’s left is to let the vase dry and sand off the spots that you want to look worn. I waited a day to sand it, but I probably could have done it a lot sooner.

Spray painting vaseSanding a vase to make it look worn










It’s just that simple to make a swoon worthy farmhouse vase. The hardest part is picking the color you want. Have fun with this. Painting glass has given me a bunch more ideas, so you probably will see this one again.

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