Valentine Rose Tree Craft

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Do you want to decorate for Valentines Day, but you feel like everything you have seen could have been from a 3rd-grade classroom?  Me too. Let’s fix that with this beautiful Valentine Rose Tree. It’s really a 3 part process, but only about 3 hours start to finish.

The first part of this project is to make the frame. If you are not feeling up to crafting with the wire you can use a cone-shaped piece of styrofoam. Grab it from Amazon in the search box, and skip to gluing on the flowers.

In the video, you will hear me say it’s a frame for a Christmas tree, but I didn’t get that project done. Now I am looking at this and thinking what else could I make out of it? So the Valentine Rose Tree was born.

Here’s the supply list:

Tomato cage (small size) I got mine at Tractor Supply

chicken wire also from Tractor Supply

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutters for the chicken wire

Heavy cutters for the Tomato cage.


Roses 2 bags,  I got mine from Amazon

Glue Gun and glue sticks. If you need a new glue gun, check out my Amazon pick. I don’t need one, but I may order this anyway. It has lights and an on/off switch on the handle, as well as 2 temperature settings.

Wired Ribbon

picture of tools, and tomato cage

Part 1, The Frame.

I started out by cutting off the bottom section of the cage. (the largest circle) Next I took the 3 top wires and pulled them together to make the shape of a Christmas tree.  I wrapped one of the wires around to secure it. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of it.  The next step is to secure the chicken wire, and since a picture is worth a thousand (or more) words I made a video of it.  I have no idea why the birds were so loud in my yard that day. Hope you enjoy bird noise.

So that’s how to attach the wire. I just did one side at a time, on all three parts of the frame. As you saw in the video it goes fairly quickly. I don’t remember for sure but it was less than 2 hours to be all done.

Part 2, Glue on the Flowers

Let’s call that the end of part one.  On to part two.  All I really did was to glue the roses to the frame. Put a dollop of glue on. (What do I always say? Be careful Hot Glue is hot!) Press it onto the frame.

gluing on a rose

This is what it looks like after the first row and starting on the second row.

example with 2 rows of roses glued on

And finally, all done. I did go back and fill in some empty spots with roses since I only used about a bag and a half I had plenty.

Part 3, Making the Bow.

This is another place where a video is worth a whole lot of words, so here is a video of making the bow.

I actually ended up putting 2 tails on mine, and they were both curled. If you know you are going to curl them it is best to make them a longer than you think you need, because the curl shortens the ribbon some.

All that’s left now is to attach the bow and find a place in your home to display your new creation. If you have enjoyed this Valentine Rose Tree tutorial please be sure to share it.

Till next Time…

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