Week 2 of the One Room Challenge

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Week 2

We are on to week two of the One Room Challenge. In case you missed it here is week 1.  

If you want to see what others are doing check it out here, at the One Room Challenge Blog.


I finished this part.

So it doesn’t really look like I got much done this week, but it was such an important part that did get done. I got the washer and dryer off of the pedestals.  The dryer was easy just take out 16 screws and lift it off..done.

What went wrong.

The washer also had the 16 screws to take out. I took out the screws just as I had on the dryer.  After that was done I had my son and his friend lift the washer off. This time when they lifted, the pedestal came up with the unit.

I went back to you-tube to watch some more videos, and for the model we have it should have just lifted off. Thinking that maybe the clip that the screws went into was somehow still hooked, I decided to use a hack saw to cut through the clip to see if the side I cut would come off. At this point, my husband was going a little crazy. He said something about not buying a new one if I cut the wrong thing on this one.  It didn’t work anyway. Since I was getting frustrated I decided to take a break and go work on another project for a while.

Finally success.

My son and his friend were doing some other work for me, and when they finished decided to give the washer another go. Nate (my son) decided to see if just a gentle pry with a long screwdriver would work to get them apart, and it did. Glory be!! The pedestals from both machines were now off.

I got everything off the walls, but I did not get the walls prepped. Getting that part done will have to wait until next week.   I also located the VOC free paint that I would need. Living with a parrot complicates a lot of my life, but the extra time and money to keep him healthy and away from VOC’s is worth it. I get paid back in parrot love.

It’s going to be hard to live with the laundry room torn apart for 6 weeks since we are still going to using it while I work on it.  Don’t expect us to get to the pretty part for a while. So for this week,  this is what it looks like.

At least I can reach the cabinets again, which were full of stuff I had forgotten that we owned.  You can also see the sink and get to it, which we couldn’t do before. So some progress this week. Since I have Easter projects to finish this week I don’t really expect to get a lot done in here in the upcoming week. After that, this room gets all the love.

Till Next Time….


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