What Every Joanna Gaines Fan Knows.

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Now here’s someone I can get behind. I loved Fixer Upper, like never missed an episode kind of loved it,  I was so sad when they announced that the show was going off the air. I guess my life will go on without my weekly dose of Joanna Gaines, and I have to admit I also loved the antics of Chip. (Did he really eat that bug?) Plus I learned some great Farmhouse decorating tricks, and life lessons from Joanna. So here we go.. What every Joanna Gaines fan knows.

  1. Walls were built to be taken down on demo day.  It would not be a true fixer-upper without removing a wall or two right?  Usually, the wall that needs to come down is between the Kitchen and something. I have a wall in my house that I have been wanting to take down for years.  Unfortunately, my husband is much better at taking computers apart than taking down walls. So if Joanna were to visit she would likely scowl at the big ugly wall.
  2. If you need a custom piece of anything wood, and your husband can’t make it, find a Clint Harp. I don’t know what he was charging for all the 20-foot long dining tables he was making for Joanna, but who cares, they looked great.  Pretty sure my Husband would make a table with a pile of books and an old door.
  3. You have to have uplifting word art, because “It’s a Good Day for a Good Day.”
  4. Outside matters. You need a porch with a swing or a pair of rockers.  Also a must,  a fabulous front door and potted flowers flanking it. If you don’t have a porch you can always build one.
  5. You should stop at every flea market you see.  You never know when you might find just the right thing for now, or to put into your warehouse (garage) for later. My warehouse finds are taking up a lot of space. There is however just barely enough room for a car.
  6. Every home deserves a Magnolia wreath. They look perfect on a door, a fake window, over a mantle, or on a mirror. I still need put one in my house. I was hoping that maybe when Joanna drops in, to scowl at my wall she might just leave me a wreath.
  7. Shiplap covers a multitude of ugly.  If there is no ugly find a place for some anyway.  Maybe I could disguise that wall that needs to come down with some.
  8. Always make even the youngest of your helpers feel that what they did was important and valuable, even if you have to do it over later.
  9. It’s ok for the Mom to have a job. I don’t think I have ever seen a twinge of Mom guilt come out of Joanna.
  10. And lastly, laugh while you work.

I am sure there are other important lessons I have learned from Chip and Joanna Gaines about things like the value of work, and faith in God, and even how to sneak a new animal home past your spouse.  I can’t wait for their new channel to come on, so I can learn some home stuff.

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