Whimsical Teacup Bird Feeder

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I guess it’s no secret that I love birds. I think I spend as much on wild bird food every month as I do on chicken feed. We have a flock of quail that comes in every morning when I call them. I used to watch them come from the desert every morning, but now they know what time the buffet opens and the are waiting with eager hungry beaks. They make a little chortle kind of noise in anticipation  when they see me coming with the food.  I also have what Greg says are House Finches.(oh my gosh, he made me look it up. He doesn’t say they are House Finches,  they are Sonoran House Finches) They are a brown bird with a red head and chest, and are small. While the Quail are ground feeders, the little birds will eat from a feeder. They are the birds that inspired me to make this Whimsical Teacup Bird Feeder. I think it took me about an hour to make start to finish after I had the materials.

quail eating
Quail at the Buffet

For this project you will need:

One old chandelier. It does not have to look like mine, it just has to have a spot that you can glue the cups onto.

I had five arms on my chandelier, so I needed five teacups with saucers. You can use all matching, or mix and match. I wanted mine to match, but darn I broke one. When I went back to Goodwill to get another one I couldn’t find a matching one, so I have one that doesn’t match. I’m pretty sure the birds don’t care as long they are filled every morning.

E6000 glue

old chandilier

I found this old chandelier at a yard sale. It was never going to work again, and cost only $5.00.  This was the start of my project. The first thing I did was to cut the electrical cord. It was woven in and out of the chain that was used to hang it.

Tin snipe to work on the Whimsical Teacup Bird Feeder


The next step was to get my tin snips and cut off the metal part that was the “candle holder” in the old lamp. I also removed as much of the electrical wiring as I could get to from each arm of the chandelier.

gluing on the saucer to the Whimsical Teacup Bird Feeder


Next I got out my E6000 glue. This is my go-to glue for just about everything that needs a really good bond. I cleaned the bottom of the plates and also the fixture I was gluing it to. I just dampened a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wiped it clean. You have to start with clean for any glue for a good bond.

I swirled the glue around in a circle the size of the part on the lamp I was going to glue it to. Then I pressed it onto the arm of the Chandelier. I did that four more times all the way around, then I let that set up for a few minutes while I got the cups ready.

glueing on the cups to the Whimsical Teacup Birdfeeder

I did the same thing with the cup and the saucer, starting with a damp rag and cleaning the surfaces, then applying the glue. Take each cup and glue it to the saucer. I let this dry overnight.

completed Whimsical Teacup Bird Feeder



The only thing left was to find a place to hang it. I ended up putting it in a tree that is right outside my office window, so I can watch the little birds while I work.  I hope you get as much joy from feeding your birds in your Teacup Bird Feeder as I do with mine.

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