Beautiful 10 Minute Easter Table Decor

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You just can’t beat having a decor piece that is fast and pretty. Try my Beautiful 10 minute Easter Table Decor. Perfect for those of us with busy lives, and a passion to decorate.  I am displaying mine on my coffee table in my family room.

Here’s what you will need :

Twig wreath

Hydrangea Bouquet

Easter Eggs (from Walmart)

If you want to make this permanent Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Easter Grass (from Walmart)

I am not going to glue mine, because I like to be able to reuse things, and I don’t have small kiddos that will pull it apart. It’s likely that the Teenage boy that lives here will mess it up, but I can just put it back together quickly.

So here it is laid out ready to be made beautiful.  If you are not going to be gluing yours  I would suggest that you assemble it where you want it to be displayed.

The first thing I did was to cut apart my Hydrangea Bouquet.  Leave about 2-3 inches of the stem so you have something to put into the wreath.  Make sure you also cut some leaves.  This is what they look like cut.

Then all you have to do is to work the stem into the wreath.  Just put the stem in at an angle and give it a gentle push. If you want this to be permanent you would use hot glue to secure the flowers and leaves to the wreath.

Work your way around the wreath, adding both flowers and leaves.  This one has 2 done.

I went around the wreath once leaving space between the flowers to put in the eggs, but once I was done I had flowers left so I filled it in some.  Next, I tucked my eggs into the twigs.  Again to make this a permanent decor item use hot glue to secure the eggs.

After that part was all done I grabbed my candle holder. I picked this one because it was on a pedestal base so it would show above the wreath. Just a note here, this candle holder is a little bit expensive, but it is an investment. You will find yourself reaching for it again and again to make vignettes. I promise you will not regret buying this piece.

All I did with the candle holder was to put my candle in and surround it with Easter grass.

Now Just put the candle holder into the center of the wreath. If you have more flowers you can tuck them into the gap between the wreath and the candle holder.

Now you have a stunning table center and you only spent about 10 minutes making it, but nobody needs to know that right?


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