Make this Cake Server Table Center in just 5 minutes.

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Picture of Cake server fall centerThis Cake Server Table Center was so crazy easy I am almost embarrassed to call this a tutorial.   You literally just glue a plate to a candle holder.  My pro tip.. use E6000 glue in a well ventilated area, and clean the plate and candle holder with denatured alcohol before you glue them.  I found both the candle holder and the plate at the dollar store. The Candles I already had, and the twine I already had, but I bought it at Michael’s.  I just took 3 candles of different heights and wrapped some twine around them and tied a knot. Put the candles on the plate, and done. The glue sets up pretty fast, but I would not wash this until it has had 24 hours to dry.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a glass hoarder? I have a whole big shelving unit full of it in the garage. I can usually just go out there and find what I need. When I went to get the things to show you how to do this I was out of plain glass plates. I have no idea how that happened. What I did have that would work was a tray intended for deviled eggs.  Oh the things I have thought of that I could use this for besides the obvious an Easter decoration. Anyway here it is.


Plate, candle stick holder, e 6000

The Steps:

Put glue on the candle stick holder. Be generous with the glue if your plate has crevices like this one. It has to be able to fill them.

put glue on the Candle Stick Holder

Put the plate on top and give it a little push into the glue.

putting the plate on

And done.

finished project

Right now I have this dressed for fall, by just adding some leaf garland and a gray stained box. The box was also from Michael’s, and is a few years old. I am sure they still sell things similar to this if not this same box.

So there you have it, simple to make Cake Server that can be used for so much more than cake!! If you enjoyed this craft let me know in the comments.

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