Farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide

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Farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide

I am having too much fun today surfing the net to find these farmhouse decor lovers  items for you!! If your special someone is as bad at figuring out what to get you as a gift as mine is,   just e mail the link to this guide. Most of the items included are from small Ma and Pa businesses on Etsy, as I believe in supporting them. That means your items are probably handmade.  And if you can’t resist go ahead and get yourself a little something!  Enjoy looking through the Farmhouse Decore Lovers Gift Guide.

So lets shop!

Barn Door Track

First up is a track for a barn door. I would love to have this myself.  Not only is it pretty, but space-saving as well. You get the space back that you used to have to leave unused for the door to swing. This does not include the door. They sell them at Lowes and Home Depot, or they are not hard to build if you are handy.  You will find this over at Lazy K Metalworks

Picture of a barn door in farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide

Most Wonderful Time Tee

This is the one you are going to want to buy for yourself today.No it’s not decor, but it was too cute not to share.  It pretty well sums up all my favorite things. You really don’t have to wait for someone to buy you this one. It’s ok to indulge yourself, right? This is from shopiconict’s 

 T shirt with Farmhouse sayings n farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide.

Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers

What says farmhouse in every room you find them in? Buffalo Plaid  pillows of course!  One of the hottest trends in  farmhouse and  cottage . These are brought to you by ElemenOPillows.
Farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide Buffalo Check Pillows

Buffalo Plaid Curtain Panels

Do you want to add some buffalo check curtains too? Please do! Pretty in a family room or a kitchen. These will really make your farmhouse pop. I just put Tan and White ones in my family room. These are by Bee Yourself Designs

Buffalo Check curtains n farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide.

White Vase with a floral arrangement.

Have you always wanted a White Farmhouse pitcher? This one is so cute!! Bonus, it comes with the cute arrangement in it. It’s 13-14 inches tall with the flowers.  Picture this on your nightstand, a shelf, or layered on books on a mantel.   I found this at Georgia Blue Boutique.


Vintage Coverlet

Over at you will find the most adorable farmhouse textiles. I fell in love with this  Grain Sack Coverlet. So sweet on a bed, or draped over a sofa. It’s from Roostery.

Blue ticking bedspread in n farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide.

Magnolia Wreath

Ever since Chip and Joanna showed up on HGTV these Magnolia Wreaths have become a staple of the farmhouse decor world. You just about aren’t a farmhouse decor lover without at least one. This is a very large 26″ wreath, handmade on an 18″ grapevine base.  It’s from Autumns Echo Shoppe.

Magnolia wreath n farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide.

Farmhouse Clock

What Farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide would be complete without this? I still don’t have one of these (hint, hint) but they are so pretty, and so farmhouse. Beautiful over a fireplace or sofa. I have also seen them as stunning entry pieces. Hmm maybe I need two. These are 30″ and come in all these colors, so they match cottage to rustic. Handmade at Yankee Woodworks.

Farmhouse Shelf

I love big chunky corbels on shelves for a farmhouse look.  This one comes in a variety of lengths to fit any space that needs some shelves.  Just what  I would buy for my own home.  Made just for you at Fairview Wood Designs.

Amazon Finds

So there are some things that I wanted to share that are not from Ma and Pa stores, but they are still so farmhouse I couldn’t leave them out.  Things like this lantern. It is 12″ tall. I like it because there is not a candle built into it. I think they are more versatile this way. Mine are filled up with small gourds for fall, and sometimes I fill them with pine cones for Christmas. Of course if I want to I can put a candle in it. It’s from Amazon Lantern.






Say yes to a 3 tiered tray. You see them everywhere all decorated for everyday and holidays. I bought one that was really cheap, and I have regretted it ever since. Invest in a good one that will serve you for many years. Also from Amazon Trays.

And that’s it.  If you enjoyed my Farmhouse Decor Lovers Gift Guide please consider sharing the link on Pinterest or Facebook.

Consider buying handmade and homemade gifts for everyone and indulge yourself with something too.

Till next Time….

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  1. I just love this guide! So many things that will look perfect in my home that I might just have to buy for myself this year!
    Great job, thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

    1. Thanks Tracy Lynn. I knew my readers would love it all. Glad you found some things to make your home farmhouse charming.

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