Make a Pretty Little Basic Bow

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Bunny wearing a pretty little basic bow


This pretty little basic bow is one every crafter should be able to make. After you learn this you will be adding this bow to everything you make, it is seriously the easiest bow you will ever make. 

 I am sorry that my glue gun is so dirty in these pictures. I had just finished a moss project and had not cleaned my glue gun.  If any of you know how to get the moss off of  a glue gun  let me know.


Wired Ribbon

Cable tie

Hot Glue Gun and a Glue Stick


Let’s Get Started on our Pretty Little Basic Bow

The first thing you need to do is to decide how big you want the bow to be. I usually just make a loop and eyeball if it is big enough.  Do the same for the other side, then cut the ribbon.

 choose the lenght of ribbon for your pretty little basic bow.

Take your Hot Glue Gun and glue the sides together in the center of the bow. 

glue the sides down

Decide how long you want the tail to be, and cut a length of ribbon for the tail.

Cut a lenght of ribbon for the tail

Next put the bow piece on top of the tail piece.

 lay the looped piece on top of the tail piece

Flip the whole thing over so the bow is on the bottom. Then put the cable tie around both pieces.

put the cable tie around both pieces.

Now pull it tight.

pull the tie right

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the center cable tie, then fold in the sides and hot glue them down.

Take the piece you just made, and glue the edges to the back of the bow around the tie.

Make a dovetail cut on the bows tails. 

Turn it over, open the loops and there you will have your pretty little easy basic bow.

Picture of the Pretty Little Basic bow.

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