Make a wreath bow the easy way.

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Hello friends! Welcome to my first video. The idea of doing a tutorial on how to make a  wreath bow for the beautiful wreaths you are making was a little bit hard. Sometimes I think a video just shows it better. The big problem with video, just being completely honest here is that I hate the way I look on screen.  Anybody else? Yea,  I thought so. With that said I am really going to put myself out there, and share these videos on making a wreath bow, (Video 1) attaching it, and fluffing it up.(Video 2) So here goes.

Make a bow video 1bow video 1

Make a bow video 2click to play video 2

So there it is my friends. Now you can make beautiful bows for all of your wreaths. I learned this from a video from Rhonda’s creative corner. You can watch that video here. Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Till next time….




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