5 Fun Things to do with your Family in December

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Yikes! Here I am writing things to do in December! December is a tricky one, because there there is so much to do, I almost need a list of things to skip instead.  I hope you have some cherished family traditions you get to do with your family. This time of year often leaves us feeling sentimental about where the time has gone, and what the future holds for our families.

  On to the fun.

  • Bake some Christmas Cookies and decorate them together.  Somehow we have made a tradition of making Christmas Mice shaped cookies. It started when I was assigned the cheese and crackers for a family Christmas gathering. The tray was sort of boring, so I decided it needed some mice getting into the cheese. Making Christmas Cookies is one of the few things I like to do in the kitchen, so these are a little more complex than my regular cooking. Here are some we have made in the past:

Peanut Butter Christmas Mice

Christmas Mice Cookies, Chocolate and Plain

Dipped Christmas Mice part 1 

Dipped Christmas Mice part 2

  • Outdoor Ice Skating. Yup in even the desert of Arizona, we have outdoor rinks in December. This is fun to do as a group, don’t forget to bring a thermos or two of Hot Chocolate, and plan on stopping for a Burger after.  It’s even more fun if you lace up some skates yourself instead of just watching.
  • Drive around to see Light Displays. This never gets old, even for teens. Again don’t forget to take some Hot Chocolate, and crank up the Christmas tunes for the drive. Let your kids bring a friend if it’s not too embarrassing to hear you belting out the tunes.
  • Go to a movie, there are lots of new releases in December, or stay home and watch a favorite. Staying home? Make Popcorn, and get movie style candy boxes. Consider this another opportunity to get to know one or two of your  kids friends.
  • Volunteer at a Homeless shelter, or have your child get a Christmas Angel tag. Is there a nursing care home near you? Maybe you could adopt a grandma or grandpa to get to know over the Holidays. They are never too young to start learning about caring for others.

So that’s my December list. If you anything else fun to do in December be sure to share it in the comments. Till next time…

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