Fun Things to do with your Family in May

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cupcakes and Mothers day in May with your teenFun things to do with your Family in May

Here we are again, planning things to do with your family in May.  I know I say this every month, but really, May already?  Don’t forget when planning these activities that you get extra Mom points if you let them bring a friend, and you get a chance to get to know the friend better.


Mother’s Day

It’s our month Mom’s, make sure that as you honor your Mom that you take time to allow your kids to honor you. This is a good time to talk about things you remember about the grandma when you were a kid. Hard to believe I know, but they are really interested in these stories.  I like to hand-make cards. Pull out the crafty side of your kids and make cards for the Grandmas together. My kids are always so busy that I cherish this day more every year so they can spend some time with me. Best part?  I get to pick what to do.


Is it warm enough for a weekend camping trip where you are? May 28th is Memorial Day. A perfect summer kickoff is to take the whole family on a camping trip. Bring board games for some bonding and fun. Build a campfire (if it’s allowed.) Have Smores, and Hot Dogs roasted over the fire. S’mores are a traditional campfire treat. I think I was in the Brownies when I learned how to make them. All you do is roast a marshmallow on a stick until it’s brown and gooey, then put it on a graham cracker, layer on a piece of a chocolate bar, and sandwich with another graham cracker.

Day Trip

No time for a full-on camping trip? How about a day trip with a hike? There are many beautiful places for a hike no matter where you live.  We have an arboretum near us that we like to hike. There are so many beautiful wildflowers at this time of year.  Don’t forget to take your camera, especially if you have a family member that is into photography. Another chance for those bonus points for inviting a friend.   Check out some hiking info in this guide.


If you haven’t had a baking day with your family since Christmas, it’s time to do this again. Google “fruit picking near me”, get some fresh fruit, and bake something. Don’t forget to ask if they have a friend they want to have join you.  The bonus here you get to eat those yummy baked goods when you are done. If it’s too early for fresh fruit in your part of the world how about cookies, or teach them how to bake a cheesecake. 

Graduation Parties

This one can be bittersweet, but it’s graduation month. If you have a kindergarten graduate, you are off and running for the ride of your life, 1st grade next year. This calls for some ice cream.  If your teen is graduating 8th grade know that the next 4 years will fly by. If your teen is graduating from High School, you better pick up some waterproof mascara before the big event.  Seems like just yesterday they were having a Kindergarten graduation, and you felt then like this day would never come, but here it is.  Try to laugh as much as you cry.

So there you have it, my list of  ideas of things to do with your family in the month of May.  Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas about things to do this month. I’ll see you back here soon with a list of things to do in June.

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