5 Fun Things to do with your Family in April

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Welcome to April! Are there signs of Spring where you live yet? There are here. All my citrus trees are in bloom and the air smells like orange blossoms.  Highs are back into the upper 70’s, so it’s a beautiful time of year here. It’s a time when we are spending more time outside doing yard work that we want to get done before our harsh summer heat than we are doing inside chores. But it’s not all work, let’s have some fun.

Let’s jump right in.

  1. It’s time for some Baseball!! Do you live close enough to a Major League city to take your family to a game? How about a Spring training city? Here in the Phoenix area, we are lucky enough to have several Spring Training facilities to choose from.   Don’t forget to take a friend along and get to know the kids yours are hanging around with.
  2. How about a lunch date and a movie with your kids?  Have some one on one bonding time just relaxing and enjoying each others company. You could do this weekly for the whole month with a different child each time. If you are the Grandma this is a great time for you too.
  3.  Gardening is a terrific skill to teach your kids. Have them help in the garden with both planting and weeding. Most kids will try a new veggie if they helped frow it. This is also a good talking opportunity. Try to get them talking about what is going in their life. Remember to be a good listener, and ask good questions.
  4. If it’s a year that Easter is in April, you can do some kitchen bonding again. Baking cakes and Easter cookies can really get the bonding going. Especially if you can share some of your finished products together. Just no fighting about who has to do the dishes.
  5. The annual Easter egg dying is another good way to spend some time as a family. Let each person make some of their own eggs. make sure you have every kid’s favorite color, and some stickers. I remember the first time my kids were able to participate in this ritual. I think there was more dye on the table. fingers and clothes than on the eggs. So another good tip, wear old clothes and protect the table and floor. No grumpy Mom’s allowed.

Can you believe that the school year will be over in just another month or two? But, it’s April so we can start to turn up the outdoor fun as we look forward to summer. So that’s it 5 fun things to do with your family in April. See you back in May for more family fun ideas.

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