The One Room Challenge Spring 2019 Week 3

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In case you missed the last few weeks,  here is week 1.    And week 2.

This week.

Hey friends.  Here we are at week 3 already. Halfway.  My room didn’t get anything done this week. I was going to get the walls ready for paint, but as it turns out you can’t get the VOC free spackle that I need anyplace locally. I had to order it from Home Depot online. It is supposed to be here between the 24th and 26th.  The time I had planned to work on the room was actually spent running around trying to find it. I was able to get the paint, so as soon as the walls are ready so is the paint.  It was a huge disappointment. I am going to have to bring on my hustle in these next weeks. I feel like a designer on a design challenge that everyone knows will not get done in time. But I will.

So here is the game plan for the time left to get done:

For week 4:

This upcoming week I am going to make the wood top for the washer and dryer, and build the ledge for across the back. Install the ledger board across the back that the ledge will rest on.  Remove the cabinet doors in preparation for painting them.  Tape off the room.

For Week 5:

Prep, and paint the walls and cabinets. Install the pegboard for the storage wall. Figure out a sliding ironing board and build it. Install a backsplash behind the washer and dryer. Install the top and ledge that I made this week.

For week 6:

Make and install artwork.  then stage finished room.  I have some super cute transfers coming from Chalk Couture to use in this room.

It sounds like a lot to get done, but since I am writing the last of my Spring and Easter posts this week, and not starting my Bathroom series until May I will actually have a lot of time to get it all done.

Are you following along? See what everyone else is doing at The One Room Challenge Blog.

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